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Towards inclusive employment for psychosocial disability

People with psychosocial disability are among the most underemployed groups in our society, with only 26% in part-time or full-time work. Yet we know that many people with psychosocial disability can work and want to work. Too often, stigma, discrimination, and a lack of suitable accommodations are barriers to inclusive employment. 

To help address these issues, this week Candella engaged in a public consultation for the proposed Disability Employment Centre of Excellence. In our submission, we emphasised the need for genuine representation of psychosocial disability within the framework of the centre. Representation of psychosocial perspectives is essential for ensuring that the Centre of Excellence plays an effective role in reducing the employment disparity for psychosocial disability. 

One of our programs, Employment Pathways, takes a flexible, person-centered approach to support those with psychosocial disabilities in entering mainstream employment. Want to learn more? Click HERE

Candella: Advocating for a more inclusive society. 

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