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Candella’s commitment to Reconciliation through our Reflect RAP

We are proud to announce Candella’s commitment to our ‘Reflect’ Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), a significant step towards formalising Candella’s dedication to fostering unity in Australia. 

Our mission is to actively contribute to “closing the gap” between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and the broader Australian population. We are focused on ensuring that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals have access to equal and fair opportunities in the realms of mental health care and pathways to employment.

Our commitment includes strengthening our connections with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and organisations, enhancing our workforce’s understanding and respect for their cultures, and creating improved prospects for mental health, social engagement, and capacity building outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the regions where we operate.

We aim to submit our draft RAP to Reconciliation Australia for review by the end of the year so we can implement the plan from early 2024. We eagerly anticipate sharing our RAP journey with you. 

On Hope:

Hope is a cornerstone of mental health recovery. Hope that, despite how tough things are or what bad things have happened, there is something to work towards, there is a way forward.

The recent referendum’s outcome is a setback but not an end point in the journey towards reconciliation. Our collective ambition for a just society is as strong as ever. Now is the time to amp up our efforts. Every interaction we have, both in our professional and personal lives, can present opportunities to create a more understanding and inclusive society. 

At Candella we keep fostering hope, maintaining perspective, and advancing reconciliation in all that we do.

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